Etude 3 — Waltz in the Twilight

Etude 3 — Waltz in the Twilight


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Ephemera Éphémère Kyoto ’22 / Presenting: Etude 3 with Aurore de la Morinerie  

Ephemera is a curated project of artists, crafters and visionaries of all sorts in the form of a printed publication and its diverse extensions. We are currently on the way to weaving our aesthetic fancies into a magazine format which features particular motifs to our liking, meanwhile offering some early glimpses from time to time in these small yet affectionately crafted accrochable etudes.

The third etude portrays the fleeting enchantment during twilight hours with French artist Aurore de la Morinerie, represented in the traditional blanket-sheet format on recycled uncoated paper.


Etude 3 - Waltz in the Twilight
A limited edition of 400 numbered copies
Format: 546 × 406 mm, 16 pages
Price: 24000 yen with tax

Thank you Dainen Negita !

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